The Evolution of Knowledge Approach

I’ve taken a long hiatus as I began a new job and have been in the midst of a move.  I’ve also had some time to think a bit about how I blog/why I blog/etc.  I’ve actually allowed my authorship status on one blog to lapse as a result.

This blog began as an attempt to shore up my professional credentials in the area where issues of technology and organizational culture intersected.  At the time I began the blog, I had just been laid off, due to state budget cuts, from an educational research position in New Jersey and I was casting about for a new professional identity in the midst of the recession.

I am at a different stage now, and am more interested in finding folks who can discuss strategies for career development, as opposed to folks who would (potentially) be impressed by any acumen I might have demonstrated.  To that end, I am thinking about experimenting with a more personal style that will allow me to digest my thoughts about my career and interests.

For the moment, I am not doing much to publicize the blog.  Since I have zero regular readers, this post will most likely be, for the moment, for my eyes alone.  If/when I become comfortable with a new approach to blogging on this site, I will spend some more time marketing the site.

That’s it for now.


2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Knowledge Approach

  1. Anjum Malkana says:

    It will come as no surprise to you: I like the personal touch and the focus shift. You should still write about developments in tech, though, as readings and events interest you.

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