Collaborative Drug Discovery, Revisited

“Failure is free” today, claims Clay Shirky in Here Comes Everybody. A recent e-mail I received demonstrated how this reality is being put to use in the pharmaceutical industry.  Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD), about which I’ve written before, offers cash to pharmaceutical researchers willing to share “compounds they have synthesized but are no longer actively pursuing.”  Incidentally, of course, the pharmaceutical industry is having trouble innovating at the same rate as it had been accustomed to.

Here’s most of the text of the e-mail:

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) would like to share with our users an opportunity to take advantage of the compounds they have synthesized but are no longer actively pursuing.

By uploading the structures of these compounds at InnoCentive’s Novel Molecule Pavilion your compounds will be considered for purchase by their Seekers for screening in their Seekers’ assays.

Alternatively, submit your compounds to Innocentive using your CDD Vault. Sign up here and we will facilitate passing the data on to InnoCentive.

Initial awards range from $100-1,000 per compound, while coming up as a hit in a Seeker’s assay could be far more valuable.  Please forward any questions to Christian Stevenson (

Thanks, and best of luck in the lab! – Sylvia

Sylvia Ernst, Ph.D.

Sr. Director, Community Growth


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