EHR’s and Cloud Computing

From February, but still worth noting:

ONC [The Deparment of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology] is creating a network of Regional Extension Centers (REC) that will provide regionalized support to medical providers for the selection and implementation of an EHR . . . To track, manage and report on this critical effort, Acumen Solutions will implement a cloud computing CRM and Project Management solution from that will be used nationally across all Regional Extension Centers. This solution will provide the REC’s with the ability to manage all interactions with medical providers related to their selection and implementation of an EHR solution. [from the website of vendor Acumen Solutions.]


One thought on “EHR’s and Cloud Computing

  1. I was much more apt to agree with this nitoon a couple of years ago, but in my thinking since I have come to really question it. First of all, despite the lower and lower cost of memory, it would be a mistake to think that there are no limits to what we can save. Particularly at the rate we are creating information (see “How Much Information?” by Hal Varian and Peter Lyman). And, as other people have already pointed out, what do you have that’s useful or makes sense with a save everything approach? Obviously, we are going to need ways to automate or more quickly winnow things down.

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