Increased Information Sharing across Corporate Boundaries

I’ve written before about how long supply chains affect strategic thinking in business and “redirect[s] the gaze of businesspeople  from ‘the company’ to ‘the alliance’.”  An e-book I came across at Supply Chain Management Review (hat tip: Domingo Pacheco) discusses how companies are working to improve “supply chain visibility” by sharing increasing amounts of information across corporate boundaries.

“As companies started outsourcing and more core business functions moved outside the four walls, ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] no longer had visibility into all of that.  Companies now need inter-enterprise processes and visibility, and they need access to information that is not necessarily within their company,” according to Anil Gupta of Applications Marketing (quoted in the article).

Will companies be able to control the way they manage information or will market pressures limit their ability to protect information from partners and, though unintentionally, from competitors?


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