Knowledge Sharing at Large Organizations

A friend at a large financial institution confirmed what I have heard repeatedly about how Web 2.0 solutions are implemented in large organizations.  He reports that (1) executives are hectoring employees to use blogs, etc., and (2) that employees are being discouraged from making phone calls to international partners to discuss ideas, on the theory that such calls are ‘old-fashioned.’

His organization, on the other hand, promotes some great team-building activities, such as a trivia challenge, and also has great processes in place for uncovering internal talent.

Web 2.0 solutions should be used to harness, and then complement, existing knowledge-sharing activities, rather than to displace them.  In my friend’s organization, social networking might lead to more international telephone calls and should be considered for how it can enhance talent discovery processes and team building activities: the incorporation of popular activities into an internet platform is more likely to lead to voluntary participation and is part of the essential perspective of viewing these processes as part of a dynamic matrix of communication technologies/activities.


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